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Spots on Pepper Leaves

Spots on Pepper Leaves

Do you have spots on your pepper plant's leaves?

Spots on peppers leaves could be from a few different things. Common ailments of peppers is called pepper leaf spot or bacterial spot. This ailment that creates spotted leaves on peppers occurs commonly in humid, wet weather.

Spots on Pepper Leaves

This purple bell pepper plant above has the common Bacterial leaf spot. Don't despair, you should still get plenty of peppers despite this issue!

Bacterial leaf spot is a common ailment of peppers that is caused by hot, humid or wet weather. It is quite common, so don't despair if you see spots! Unless you live in a desert, you may encounter this issue when growing peppers, especially during wet or humid seasons.

Symptoms of bacterial leaf spot on peppers include yellow spots turning brown or gray, or splotchy leaves on your plants.

To treat bacterial leaf spot on peppers, it can be helpful to remove affected leaves, and make sure to clean hands and tools when working with contaminated plants so you don't spread the disease. Try not to water the leaves of the plants and instead water the soil directly, and only when needed.

Remember, peppers do NOT like soggy soil, so let the soil dry out between watering to help your peppers thrive. Also be sure to use homemade compost and mix with your garden soil to help provide all the nutrients needed for healthy pepper plants.

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Happy growing!