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Rainbow Peppers

Rainbow peppers varieties are great to grow from seed in your garden!

We have lots of Ornamental Peppers to bring some rainbows to your garden. 
Rainbow Peppers - NuMex Twilight Pepper Seeds

One of our favorite Rainbow Peppers includes our NuMex Twilight Pepper. This gorgeous hot pepper is edible, though it hasn't been rated on the Scoville Scale. We love growing it in borders for a burst of rainbow colors, as well as in pots! This gorgeous rainbow pepper plant is very eye-catching in the garden, producing a beautiful array of bright purple fruits that ripen to yellow, orange, then red. 

At the end of the season, you can dry these peppers to make hot pepper flakes, or make them into hot sauce such as a delicious fermented hot sauce

Rainbow Peppers - NuMex Twilight Pepper Seeds

The NuMex Twilight peppers shown above really are a show stopper in the garden, as seen above!

Rainbow Peppers - Santa Fe Pepper Seeds

Another beautiful pepper that brings lots of color to your garden is the Santa Fe Grande Pepper. This is one of our customer favorites for their beautiful 3" long peppers with thick flesh and moderate heat, so they are ideal for salsa and pickling fresh. All three colors of maturity, yellow, orange, and red, can be on the plant at the same time creating a near rainbow of color.  This will be quite a conversation piece for it's beauty in the garden.
Rainbow Peppers - Fish Pepper Seeds
Another ornamental pepper to bring a little bit of rainbow to your garden is the unusual Fish PepperA very unique pepper plant with green and white mottled foliage and variegated fruits. The 2" curving pendant fruits look a little like swimming fish. While not quite a rainbow, these Fish Peppers turn from white with green stripes to orange with brown stripes and finally to a mature solid red. T hese spicy peppers came from Baltimore, where they had been employed by black caterers to make white paprika for the cream sauces then popular with fish and shellfish cookery.

Rainbow Peppers - Tabasco Peppers are surprisingly beautiful!

The infamous Tabasco Peppers in addition to being delicious are also quite beautiful in the garden!  Chiles mature from yellow-green to orange to bright red and have a unique, smoky flavor that creates their distinctive tabasco taste. They are also very productive, covered in upright peppers in an array of color. 

Create the flavorful tabasco sauce with fresh, fleshy and peppers in the right state of ripeness. Add distilled white vinegar and salt and voila! You can also ferment these peppers into hot sauce, which is what the Tabasco hot sauce brand does. They chop and mash tabasco peppers, then put them into old oak barrels to ferment in a barn for up to 3-5 years! It's easy to make your own fermented hot sauce and it doesn't have to take that long (although that's not to say you shouldn't try a long term ferment!).

Here are some of our favorite
 easy fermented hot sauce recipes »

New to our lineup is the beautiful NuMex Easter Pepper, t his pastel rainbow pepper grows into a beautiful and compact, 8-12” plant with many small clusters of 4-6 fruits on top of the plant. Colors range from lavender to light yellow and then maturing to a light orange. Peppers are spicy and edible, also great for hot sauce or salsas or spicing up stews, tacos and burritos. Bonus - this rainbow pepper is heat and humidity tolerant and perseveres in rain or drought, earning it an All-America Selections Award. Stunning in containers or mass plantings!! 

Bolivian Rainbow Pepper

A bright and unique ornamental landscape plant bearing beautiful rainbow colored peppers early and all through the season. This heirloom is from Bolivia and has been grown there for centuries. The 24” tall plants have purple tinged foliage and purple flowers. Small fruits turn from purple to yellow and then to red when mature. All colors are on the plant at once in a showy rainbow of peppers. The peppers are edible, too, make them into hot sauce, to flavor soups or stews, or add spice to other dishes like burritos, tacos or enchiladas. These rainbow peppers grow great in containers and are quite easy to grow.


Rainbow Peppers - Seeds

Grow a Rainbow of Peppers in your Garden!

With chile peppers, you really can grow a rainbow in your garden.  All pepper plants are typically quite beautiful for the entire season, and you can really grow a rainbow of color for your plate! Make sure to check out our colorful Sweet Pepper Seeds as well as our Hot Pepper Seeds and Hottest Pepper Seeds.

If you also like sweet peppers, make sure to
check out all of our colorful Sweet Pepper Seeds:

Rainbow Peppers - Sweet Pepper Seeds

We also have a colorful collection of Heirloom Tomato Seeds to compliment your peppers to make salsas, stews, sauces, and for eating fresh in salads or on sandwiches and burgers.

Rainbow Peppers - You can grow a rainbow of Tomato seeds, too!

We hope you grow an edible rainbow in your garden! 

 Happy growing!