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Pet your Pepper Seedlings

Did you know that “petting” or brushing your chile pepper or tomato seedlings (or any seedlings for that matter) will help them grow stockier, stronger stems and also not get as leggy?

It's true, gently brushing your seedlings with your hands or "patting" them will help stimulate them to grow thicker stems, and they won't get as tall as fast – it basically tricks plants into thinking they're in wind, so they grow thicker versus taller to withstand windy conditions. Basically, you are simulating the natural wind that seedlings would withstand if they were growing outdoors naturally.

You can also use a light fan to blow a gentle breeze on your seedlings as well, but we kind of like just petting them everyday, it gives us purpose. :)

Prevent Damping Off
Brushing or patting your peppers, tomatoes and other vegetable seeds will also prevent them from Damping Off – a common seedling ailment that causes seeds to wither and die. 

Growing peppers from seed is easy!
You can grow any of the hundreds of chile pepper varieties by growing them from seed, so you're not just limited to just the types of peppers you can get at your garden nursery. Sandia Seed sells all sorts of easy-to-grow 
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Happy Growing!

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