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Peppers of the World

Peppers of the World: Sandia Seed

Grow Peppers of the World with Sandia Seed!

At Sandia Seed Company we love our green chile and are proud to offer the best selection New Mexican chile seeds in the world. In 2008, we were founded on the idea that seeds for green chile peppers should be available for everyone. So, during the past 15 years, we have grown from our original six green chile seed choices to now over twenty peppers from New Mexico.

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In 2024, our complete Seed Catalog has a total over 100 specialty peppers of the world from sweet peppers to super-hot peppers, 50 heirloom tomatoes, and 27 vegetables seeds. We're currently shipping out 2024 seeds and seed catalogs, so order some new and favorite varieties to grow something new in 2024!

Peppers of the World Seed Catalog

Our beautiful full-color seed catalog is packed with seeds for over 100 peppers of the world, plus vegetables and heirloom tomatoes, too! The catalog also features recipes for salsas, green chile, and hot sauces plus lots of growing tips to ensure your pepper-growing success. It makes for great winter-time reding and dreaming and garden scheming! 😊

All Pepper Seeds- 100 Pepper Seeds of the World

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Peppers of the World Seed Catalog

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