How to Start Green Chile Seeds

Posted on 02 February 2017


The most important part of getting green chile and pepper seeds to grow is warmth. The soil temperature must remain between 80° F – 90° F for successful germination.

The seeds need to know that the timing is right, and it is now warm enough to grow into a plant and produce fruit. The easiest way to trigger seeds to grow is to warm them on a Hydrofarm Seedling Mat. It will provide 24 hours of warmth, sits on a counter top and plugs into a regular electric socket. Simply place your tray or pots directly on top of it. When you see the seedlings emerge in 1-3 weeks, place a bright light over them. Continue to keep them on the seedling mat until they are ready to be transplanted. In addition, buy quality seeds, use seedling mix, cover seeds with 1/4" of soil, and keep moist.

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