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Hot Pepper Alcohol

Hot Pepper Alcohol

Hot Pepper Alcohol makes a great holiday gift for friends and family! Who doesn't need a spicy kick in their next mixed drink? 

So if you grow peppers, why not make some spicy infused alcohol? We like making spicy hot tastiness with lots of hot peppers, even super hot peppers! In the photo above we made a Chocolate Habanero infused vodka. This hot pepper alcohol It will make a delicious killer Bloody Mary!


First - Buy a bottle of vodka.
Second - Place a small piece of habanero into the vodka and replace cap.
Third - After one week remove the habanero piece.
Fourth - Label and gift it! 

We'd recommend buying  good vodka in the mid-price range. Brands like Svedka, Absolut or Smirnoff work well for infusing, or find a local vodka made in your local area for a real local treat! 

Making Bloody Mary's? You can also make your own tomato juice from your homegrown tomatoes. Here's how:

Make Fresh Tomato Juice:
Gather 2-3 pounds of ripe tomatoes, cored and roughly chopped, a couple stalks of chopped celery, half an onion (chopped), and a little bit of sugar (a tablespoon or so), salt, black pepper and a dash of hot sauce of your choice. Put all ingredients into a large stainless steel pot, bring to a simmer uncovered for about 25 minutes. Then put the mixture through a sieve or food mill and voila, fresh tomato juice! 

Bloody Mary made with Hot Pepper Alcohol