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GMO-Free Pepper Seeds

At Sandia Seed, all of our hot pepper seeds are GMO-Free.

All of our seeds are non-GMO. In fact, there are not any 'genetically modified organism' chile seeds developed yet. Many of our seeds are organically-grown heirlooms and have been grown for generations. Heirloom seeds can be collected and grown again the following year. The NuMex varieties of green chile we offer have been hand selected at NMSU for desireable traits. This research takes several years and field grown trials to produce a chile plant with pods that have great taste, good yield, and other desirable characteristics. NuMex seeds can be collected and grown the following year. Hybrid seeds have two different parent plants that produce a seed with all the vigor and greatness from each parent. These cannot be collected and grown the next year to produce the same result.