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Fastest Seed Shipping in the West!

Fastest Seed Shipping

Our small seed company is working hard to provide the fastest seed shipping in the West! While other larger seed companies have been backing up with the huge seed demand increase, we've been able to keep on top of orders and ship within 1-3 days of ordering so you'll get your seeds in record time!

Plus, for a limited time, get free shipping on our seeds:

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Fastest Seed Shipping from
We ship all seeds in bubble envelopes to ensure the seeds do not get crushed in the mail. We also include free stickers with every order!

So if you want seeds fast, check out our entire line of:

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Our seeds have great germination rates, too, so they will sprout quickly and get your homegrown food garden underway!

Seeds are an inexpensive way to grow a ton of food, plus you can grow varieties that are hard to find in stores. Bonus, it cuts down on plastic waste when you grow your own seeds and reuse seedling trays year after year. You can also ensure your seedlings are organic by using organic fertilizers and avoiding pesticides entirely. 

Fastest Seed Shipping from

We currently ship to the United States and Canada, and usually process your order within a day or so and get it in the mail to you! Most of of our seed customers report that they get our seeds in less than a week! 

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Fastest Seed Shipping: Short Season Tomato Seeds

Looking to grow vegetable seeds faster? Check out our fastest growing veggie seeds which are great for short season gardens or if you just want to enjoy your homegrown food sooner! 

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Fastest Seed Shipping from

So if you want to order seeds and get them shipped to you fast, check out our seed catalog, we will get your order out quickly so you can start your seeds. Make sure to order early, 2021 looks to be another year for gardening, and lots of people are ordering seeds. Order sooner to get your favorite varieties before they sell out. We hope to keep stocks up but sometimes some varieties go like hot-cakes! :) Happy growing!