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Christmas Bell - Bishop Crown Pepper

The heirloom Bishop Crown: or "Christmas Bell" is originally from Brazil. This variety produces one of the most unusual pod shapes of any chile pepper.


Bishop Crown is a unique thin-skinned red pepper with the unusual appearance of a tri-cornered hat like a Catholic Bishop’s Crown. The heat level has a very wide range from a medium 5,000 scoville heat units (SHU), all the way up to a very hot 15,000 SHU.  Its small size is 1-1/2” long by 2”- 3“ wide with a sweet and fruity taste. Bishop Crown originates from Barbados and is a large plant reaching almost 4’ in height. The long branches may require support when fully laden with pods. As part of the Baccatum family of peppers it has attractive white flowers with greenish- yellow markings. Click here to buy seeds.

Bishop Crown is an Open-pollinated, Non-GMO, and Heirloom seed from Sandia Seed Company