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Bulk Seed Store

If you are looking for a Bulk Seed Store, Sandia Seed offers a large variety of New Mexican Chiles such as bulk Hatch Chile seeds, plus we sell bulk Hot Pepper seeds and Sweet Pepper Seeds.

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Bulk Seed Store - Pepper Seeds

We carry a  great selection of seeds in our bulk seed store, such as the famous best-selling Bulk Carolina Reaper Seeds (the hottest pepper in the world), Bulk Trinidad Scorpion Seeds (another super hot pepper), or popular New Mexican chile varieties such as Hatch Green Medium Chile Bulk Seeds, or Big Jim Legacy Bulk Seeds. We sell bulk seeds in different quantities such as 100 seeds or 1/2 Ounces of bulk seeds.  This is a great way to buy seeds in bulk if you are growing on a large plot or for farmers, or to share in a Community Garden. 

Bulk Seed Store - Chile Seeds

Wholesale Seeds:

If you are a garden shop or plant nursery and you want to sell our seeds and buy Wholesale, we also offer Wholesale Seeds – we offer a 50% discount on any Seed orders over $300. We also have a very handy Wholesale Seeds Order Form so that you can enter quantities of any seed we carry to pick out a great selection of seeds to sell in your store. 

We also sell our Seed Racks and offer Seed Rack & Seed Packet Collections 
so you can get a great assortment of all of our best-selling seeds to feature in your shop or garden center. 

Here is one of our seed racks below at City Floral, in Denver, Colorado:

Bulk Seed Store - Seed Displays for Peppers and Tomato Seeds