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Best Wholesale Seed Companies

Best Wholesale Seed Cpmpanies

Looking for the best wholesale seeds suppliers?

Sandia Seed offers all of our seed packets for Wholesale and we also sell bulk seeds. We're a reputable small seed company and have over 100 peppers of the world plus lots of tomato and vegetable seeds, too.

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Wholesale Seeds - Seed Displays and Seed Racks from Sandia Seed

We also have beautiful Wholesale Seed Displays and Seed Racks so that you can show off the colorful packets in your store. You can buy our displays separately or buy a Wholesale Seed Display collection with all of our top-sellers so that you can instantly become a seed retailer.

We are the best place to order Wholesale Seeds or Bulk Seeds so that you can resell them at your garden center, nursery, hardware shop, gift shop, or online store. We offer 50% off our Wholesale Seeds so you can get any of our beautiful seed packets for hundreds of peppers or other vegetables to sell in your shop.

We specialize in peppers, and offer a huge range of Hatch Chile Seeds, Green Chile Seeds, Hot Pepper Seeds, Sweet Pepper Seeds that are sure to please your customers. It's always fun to grow something new!

Wholesale Seeds from

Can you make money selling seeds?

You sure can, seeds are easy to sell with their low price point and gardeners always love to pick up a few packets whenever they see them.

What seed company is best?

There are a ton of great seed companies out there and we feel that we are right in there! However, not all seed companies are created equal, there are a lot of fly-by-night operations that bring seeds in from China that may be mislabeled, not isolated, or treated with chemicals. We only offer untreated, GMO-free seeds that are organically-sourced if possible, and we test all of our seeds for viability so that you know you are selling quality seeds to your gardening customers.


Wholesale Seeds - Seed Catalog from

 We have a Seed Catalog too!

Not sure what Wholesale Seeds you want to sell in your store? Order our Seed Catalog to see all of the seeds we offer, then place a Wholesale Seeds order with us to get 50% off your first order over $300. Learn more »

Best Wholesale Seed Companies - Owner Patsy with our Wholesale Tomato Seed Display

Above, Sandia Seed Owner Patsy with one
of our Wholesale Tomato Seed Displays

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Happy growing!