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2024 Seed Catalog

2024 Seed Catalog from Sandia Seed

We're excited to announce our new 2024 Seed Catalog is available! This full color seed catalog is packed with peppers of the world, plus tomato and veggie seeds, too. The seed catalog also has lots of growing tips, recipes, and even a garden plan to help you get growing in 2024!

2024 Seed Catalog 

Our 36 page seed catalog is packed with beautiful photos of peppers, recipes, growing tips and of course, tons of pepper and vegetable seeds for your garden!

Flip through our 2024 Seed Catalog below featuring all of our Peppers of the World, plus tomatoes, and veggies, too:

You can also download a PDF of our 2024 Seed Catalog here »

Sandia Seed is part of a sustainable movement to change the way the world buys seeds. In our 2024 Seed Catalog we offer heirloom open-pollinated seed varieties that are not readily available from large seed companies. Today’s gardeners can grow them and keep their unique genetic makeup viable for future generations. When growing open-pollinated peppers and tomatoes, keep the seeds from your favorites to grow again next year. Seeds are smart and will continue to adapt to your environment over the seasons.

2024 Seed Catalog with Peppers of the World

Our 2024 seed catalog features new products and old favorites. Many of our seeds are unusual and hard to find like Chimayo, Devil’s Tongue, and Tombstone Ghost pepper.

In this catalog we have included tips, tricks, and new seed  bundles. Get inspired with our Pickling Pepper 6-pack, the Patio Colors Pepper 6-Pack, and the Chef’s Italian Pepper 3-Pack, and more discounted bundles on page 30.

Every garden is different every year, and every year is different here at Sandia Seed.

Seed Catalog - Best Seed Catalog!

Some major milestones:

2008 - The Peppers of the World collection was created in 2008 and is now entering its 16th year of existence.

2014 - Our Heirloom Tomatoes collection was first offered in 2014. This huge selection of 50 tomatoes is bursting with great choices for every garden. A few of our favorites are Big Rainbow, Black from Tula, and Super Sweet 100.

2018 - The first Sandia Seed Catalog was created and distributed in 2018.

2020 - The GetReal Vegetable Collection was created in 2020 and is celebrating its 5th year.

2022 - New this year are Garlic Chives, Cucumber Spacemaster 80, Okra Clemson Spineless, Snow Pea Oregon Sugar Pod II, and Tomato Large Red Cherry on pages 26-29.

This year we have added Aleppo, Cow Horn Hot, Hot Portugal, Jamaican Yellow Hot, and Santaka pepper seeds. The Aleppo is used to make Mediterranean cuisine with a fairly mild, slightly tangy fruity finish. The Cow Horn hot pepper is a thick-walled cayenne and one of the largest chiles around. The Hot Portugal is a sweet and spicy cayenne maturing early in the season. Jamaican Yellow Hot is similar to the scotch bonnet and has a fruity flavor Caribbean inspired hot sauces. The Japanese pepper Santaka has a very spicy flavor and incredible heat. Browse our entire selection of pepper varieties, including sweet and spicy heirloom pepper seeds in this seed catalog.

Stay tuned, our new seeds will be landing on our website this week!

Thank you for being part of our community of growers. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to growing with you in the season ahead.

~Patsy Coles