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Growing Bird Seed: Growing Hot Peppers and Sunflower Seeds

Growing Bird Seed: Grow hot peppers and sunflowers!

Grow your own organic bird seed with sunflowers – plus you can grow some super hot peppers to help keep the squirrels and rodents away from your seed mix! 

Sunflower Seeds

Growing sunflowers from seed is a great easy way to attract goldfinches and other songbirds to your garden. Plant lots of them around the perimeter of the garden to bring in birds as well as native bees and pollinators like Monarch butterflies. 

You can also save the sunflower heads, and break out the seeds to put out in the winter months in your bird feeders for an all-organic local bird seed source.

Carolina Reaper Seeds
Read this review on our
Carolina Reaper peppers
(the hottest pepper in the world!):

“I've ordered from Sandia for several years. They have a great selection of the very, very hot peppers that I use to dry and mix with suet for the birds. The Carolina Reapers are great because they produce so well. I also grow and use other hot peppers for the same purpose. Habaneros are too mild for this. Sandia's seeds are good quality and I always get a great germination rate.”
~ Chuck

You can grow any of our super hot pepper seeds or hot pepper seeds to grow pods that you can dry and add to your bird seed to help dissuade squirrels from raiding your bird seed feeders. :)

Just be careful not to get the hot pepper dust in your eyes or nose!