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  1. Ghost Pepper Seeds Ghost Peppers are a type of super hot strain of peppers from India. Ghost Peppers are some of the hottest peppers in the world. Why are they called Ghost Peppers? " Ghost Pepper" comes from the translation of it's Assamese nam, "Bhut Jolokia" (ভোট-জলকীয়া ). Ghost Peppers are from Assam. Ghost Peppers are also known to Assamese people as Naga Jolokia (Naga Chilli Pepper) and Bih Jolokia( Poison Chilli Pepper ). We carry several Ghost Peppers ranging from red, purple, white...
  2. Purple Peppers & Tomatoes Grow purple peppers and tomatoes in your garden. Starting these purple peppers and purple tomatoes from seed is easy, so you can grow something extra special in your vegetable garden this year. Find more ornamental peppers here. We have our top purple and chocolate varieties listed below:
  3. All Pepper Seeds Grow Sandia Seed's Peppers of the World in your garden! Here are all of our pepper seeds in one place, we have over 100 peppers to choose from. From the sweetest peppers to the hottest peppers, and everywhere in-between! Check our List of Peppers by Heat to find a pepper that is just right for your spice desires!
  4. Super Hot Pepper Seeds Buy Super Hot Pepper Seeds for: Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpions, and lots more wicked hot peppers. We bring you some of the hottest pepper seeds in the world including the Carolina Reaper, still the official HOTTEST PEPPER in the world. Check out our List of Peppers by Heat » View all of our super hot pepper seeds below:
  5. Hot Pepper Seeds Our collection of Hot Peppers include: Several varieties of Jalapeño seeds, Cayenne, Jalmundo, Goat Horn, Serrano, Bulgarian Carrot, Devil's Tongue, Red Caribbean Habanero, Chocolate Habanero, Pequin, Yellow Scotch Bonnet, Tabasco, Thai Hot. Our term Hot Peppers here covers the heat range of 10,000 to 450,000 Scoville Heat Units. Want hotter? Check out our Hottest Pepper Seeds »
  6. Mild Pepper Seeds Check out our Mild peppers for those who like just a little bit of heat! These are still packed with flavor and color that brighten up any garden harvest basket! Make sure to also view our Sweet Pepper Seeds or check out our List of Peppers by Heat »
  7. Sweet Pepper Seeds Our collection of Sweet Peppers include customer favorites like Shishito, Sweet Cherry, Padrón and many more. The term sweet peppers cover a variety of mild peppers that belong to the capsicum family. But while mild in heat, they pack a lot of flavor!
  8. Chocolate Seeds Grow chocolates in your garden with our Chocolate tomatoes and peppers.If you like purple, don't miss our purple peppers and tomatoes collection!
  9. Wholesale Seeds - Collections Check out our Pepper Seed Racks and Seed Packages below – we offer our Wholesale customers any of our seeds at half price! We also sell beautiful Sandia Seed Seed Racks for displaying our seeds.
  10. Bell Peppers Bell peppers come in lots of colors and sizes! Check out our bell pepper seeds below. Bell peppers are easy to grow, learn more about How to Grow Bell Peppers »
  11. Mexican Peppers Grow Mexican peppers in your garden this year! Mexican pepper seeds are easy to grow. Learn how to grow peppers. We love growing these delicious chile peppers from Mexico, which are packed with flavor and can be used in a wide variety of recipes.
  12. Bulk Seeds Order our bulk seeds for large gardens, farms, or community gardens. Want to sell our Seeds? If want to sell our seeds in our individual Seed Packets, you can get our Wholesale discount on Seed Packet orders over $300, visit our Wholesale Page » for more info. (Note: Wholesale discounts are not applied to these already discounted Bulk seeds below) GMO-Free & Untreated Seeds
  13. Green Chile Seeds Sandia Seed specializes in seeds for the famous Hatch Green Chile, Poblano, Big Jim, and other green and red chiles. These chiles are great in green chile stews, chile rellenos, salsas, hot sauces, and so much more. Looking for Hatch Green Chile seeds? You've come to the right place. Chile peppers are EASY to grow from seed! Learn How to grow green chile in your garden. These chile peppers range from mild to medium all the way to extra hot. Included here: Anaheim, Poblano, NuMex Big Jim,...
  14. Favorite Seeds Grow the best seeds – here are some of our customer favorites. These best-selling seeds for peppers, tomatoes and vegetables are sure to please! Easy to grow, good harvests and lots of flavor are the reasons gardeners and growers love these varieties:
  15. Jalapeno Seeds We have not just one but EIGHT different kinds of Jalapeños! Grow any of these jalapeño seeds in your garden for adding to salsas, hot sauces, making jalapeño poppers, and other recipes! Jalapeños are some of the easiest peppers to grow from seed, and they are also one of the earliest peppers to harvest – so they're great for shorter growing seasons. They are also great for growing in large containers. For the best success, check out our great tips on How to Grow Peppers »
  16. Red Chile Seeds Red Chile Seeds – Fresh Red Chile is hard to find at markets and grocery stores as it is very perishable, and you will most likely only find dried red chile. However, it's easy to enjoy fresh red chile at home if you grow red chile plants in your garden. Just pick them after they ripen to red and enjoy the rare deliciousness of fresh red chile! Try our Fresh Red Chile Recipe »