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  1. Habanero Seeds Habaneros are aromatic chile peppers with intense and pungent heat. Their spicy heat and citrusy fresh flavor go well with so many foods! Check out all the Habanero seeds we carry below:
  2. Hot Pepper Seeds Our collection of Hot Peppers include: Several varieties of Jalapeño seeds, Cayenne, Jalmundo, Goat Horn, Serrano, Bulgarian Carrot, Devil's Tongue, Fatalii, Red Caribbean Habanero, Chocolate Habanero, Peruvian White Habanero, Pequin, Yellow Scotch Bonnet, Tabasco, Thai Hot. Our term Hot Peppers here covers the heat range of 12,000 to 450,000 Scoville Heat Units. Now that's spicy, yet still edible! Hot peppers can be used for everything including fresh salsas, ground chile powders, pe...

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